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IT Support & Helpdesk

When it comes to IT Support & Helpdesk services you need a team of technicians you can rely on.  We are a team that is well informed of your company setup and its requirements.

We put great effort in documentation to ensure your IT Systems do not depend on a single person.

We have efficient ticket workflow to ensure your requests are managed in a timely fashion and to customer satisfaction.

Managed IT Services

Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider can be a complicated task.  We make it easy with our Managed Workplace solution that is tailored to benefit your business.

At Interwise IT we only offer Managed IT Services to companies that will benefit.

Choosing Managed IT Services for your business often has great benefits compared with traditional On-Demand arrangements.

Voice (VoIP) Services

Improved internet connectivity throughout Australia has given businesses access to competitively priced and more functional Business Voice Services.

There is also increased demand of businesses to offer ‘Work From Home’ & Hybrid Office options to their employees, Cloud based Voice Solutions make this easy.

We design Voice Solutions for businesses individually to ensure the solution makes your business better.

IT Security Services

Interwise IT Keeps your business secure using industry leading equipment & effective strategies.

We have effective 24/7 security monitoring available for Endpoints, Cloud Services, Networks, Mobile Devices & Authentication services to keep your security under control so you can sleep easy.

Keeping our customers informed of the latest security threats is an important factor when it comes to securing your IT Systems, after all – your security is only as good as its weakest link.

Why Choose Us

A Single Point Of Contact

Our aim is to become your single point of contact for all your technology needs.  This is why we offer a diverse array of IT services that suit many different industries.

No more Downtime

We use vendors that are highly trusted, our monitoring systems are highly effective, and our automation is incredibly smart - This recipe results in an incredibly reliable IT solution with No more downtime for you!

Expert guidance and advice

Managing such a diverse client-base, gives us insight and experience to what has worked for other businesses.  This allows us to provide solutions that work the first time.

Forecast IT Expenditure

We periodically assess your IT health to forecast IT spending to give you time to budget and plan for workstation, warranty, license and server renewals.  We also develop IT Roadmaps to give you insight to how we see your IT changing with modern developments.

Improve Productivity

When you partner with Interwise IT you add an IT Department to your business.  Staff can contact us using methods of convenience freeing up your time.

Special IT Requirements

All of our customers are special and have special requirements, this is why we tailor solutions to fit your business.

Industries we serve

We are able to support a vast array of small and medium businesses throughout Australia.



From 10 to 1000 Seats, Interwise IT is experienced and suited to manage IT for many different types of Small & Medium Business in Australia

Medical 1


Trusted by the Healthcare Industry throughout Australia.  We have technical experts that provide highly available & cost effective IT Solutions for GP’s and Staff.

Retail 1


Our services are scoped to align with multi-site,  Franchise business structures. We standardize helpdesk & vCIO roles to meet the demand of  Franchise IT.

Helping Business Grow

Our Managed IT Services ensure your technology is available when you need it – put a stop to unexpected downtime that costs your business valuable time and money in lost productivity or even  worse, missed leads or unhappy customers.

Benefit from periodic IT assessment and forecasting advice so you can plan and budget for things like security improvements or asset renewals.  No surprises!

Moving to Interwise IT is easy



We review your IT and provide you with a report containing our recommendations



We take measures to ensure there is minimal impact on your services during the transition



We take control of your existing IT and cease access from the previous IT Company



Sleep easy knowing you have a team of IT experts looking out for you that wont send you broke.

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Latest Tech News and Information

Managed Workplace

Our Premium, Fixed-Fee IT Service solution for your business

Managed Endpoint Security

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Managed Cloud Backup

Industry leading offsite secure cloud backup

Managed IT Monitoring

Be proactive with effective IT Systems Monitoring

Managed Patches

Software Updates made easy

Managed Antispam

Email Filtering for security and cleanliness

Monthly IT Reporting

Comprehensive IT Reports for improved insight

Managed Server

Avoid service distruption with the correct care

Managed Workstation

Monitored and maintained to perform at their peak

Managed Website

Website Updates for added security and less problems

Microsoft 365 Services

Modern productivity suite that helps businesses of all sizes

IT Support

IT Support & Helpdesk Services

IT Projects

Tailored IT Projects delivered on-time and on-budget

IT Asset Management

Effective Tracking and Management of your IT Assets

IT Maintenance Services

IT Maintenance Services that actually work!

Network Services

Simple networking with advanced results

Cloud Services

Simplify your IT Infrastructure

Internet Services

Many different types of Internet available

Web Services

Services for your website

Specialty Services

Unique services that set us apart from the rest

Hardware & Software

Competitive Hardware & Software Procurement Services

VoIP Phone Services

Smart Phone System Solutions tailored to your business

MDM Services

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services are an exciting IT Service provided by Interwise IT.

Small & Medium Business IT

Business Focused IT

Franchise IT

Franchise Orientated IT Services

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IT Services for the Healthcare Industry

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