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What you get from a Free IT Health Check

We have many IT Aspects we can check at your discretion.  Our most common requested checks are Security, Stability & to gain advice on present persistent problems

While we primarily look at the technical aspects for the health check, we also look at non-technical aspects such as expected IT Service response times & incident impact to productivity.

 Complete IT Health Report
Advice on present IT Issues
Expected Service Deliverables
Disaster Recovery Evaluation
Network Quality Check

IT Security Check
Data Backup Check
IT Stability Check
Internet Check
Application Check

Reasons you might want a Free IT Health Check

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A free IT health check is a great way to get an overview of your organization’s IT infrastructure.

A health check can help you identify potential problems and areas for improvement.  It can also provide valuable insights into your IT systems and how they compare to other organizations.

Ultimately, a free IT health check can help you determine whether your organization’s IT infrastructure is up to par and if your existing IT Service Provider is up to standard

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