IT Services for Telstra Retail



For 8+ years, Interwise IT has been providing IT Services to Telstra Retail stores that make sure these leaders in communications experience…


Rarely, is a person or company with quality IT services and Telstra experience found – with Interwise IT you get the best of both worlds.

The Managed Approach

An arrangement where proactive measures are taken to keep IT operating reliably and performing at peak.

Managed Antivirus Managed Antivirus solution keeps your devices protected against online threats while
allowing access to Telstra software and online systems.  We control the software
remotely & monitor/react to threats.
Managed Patches Making sure your systems are kept up to date, but meet the requirements of the Telstra
online services (ticketing, billpay, pos, java, IE versions, Acrobat versions)
Maintenance After hours maintenance ensures your computer systems are kept clean and running

The On-Demand Approach

A simple arrangement where proactive efforts are not included.  You simply contact for IT services on-demand as required.

Third Party Experience


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