Managed Anti-Spam

Worldwide In 2013 Spam E-mail was almost 70% of all email traffic, how much was sent to you?  It is virtually impossible to exclude yourself from ever being sent spam but there are ways to prevent it.

1. Don’t publicly list your email address

Removing your email address from websites can help to prevent more spam from being sent to those addresses.

2. Don’t use common email addresses

Email addresses like [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] are too generic and will inevitably be added to a spammers list – use email addresses like [email protected]

Unfortunately you are already probably receiving email and the ramifications of changing email addresses could effect the bottom line.  This is why Interwise IT has an effective Managed Anti-Spam service available – we filter all of your domain’s email before it arrives at your mail server – which free’s up your mail server to deliver relevant emails, why use your IT investment to process illegitimate email?

Being a Managed Service, Interwise IT manages the complex email terminology and methods of spam detection while you rest easy with a clean mailbox.  Emails are checked for Viruses, Malware, Phishing messages, Dangerous Files & other types of Spam.  Emails that have a high spam probability but cannot be classified certainly are then manually checked by  our IT Monitoring team and rules are made which makes your spam filter more powerful the longer it is active.

As with all our Managed Services, Monthly Reports are provided to you as a snapshot of the classification of all of your domain’s emails.  See a Sample Antispam Report 




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