Managed Cloud Backup

Keep your data safe with our Managed Cloud Backup service.  We use effecitve de-duplication techniques to keep data transfers small, backups fast & remote storage footprint low – a challenge for other Cloud Backup solutions.


  • Backups stored on LAN for fast recovery
  • Backups stored in Sydney Equinox Datacentre
  • Cloud backup storage sizes reduced with advanced de-duplication methods (save up to 30% of storage space)
  • No need for fragile USB Backup disks nor the need to swap them daily.
  • Daily Backup Monitoring & Management included
  • Monthly Backup Reports included
  • Suitable for Windows workstations & servers, Linux Servers & Mac workstations
  • Suitable for Slow Internet connections (ADSL)
  • Bare Metal Recovery Available
  • Continuous Incremental technology keeps the data transfers low
  • Speed limiting during business hours ensures your internet experience is not effected.
  • Data allowances are ‘pooled’ for all your backup devices for better consumption at an account level.
  • Data encrypted with AES-128 & AES-256 Encryption.  No-one can decrypt the data except you and us.


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