What are

On-Demand IT Services

We realize our fully featured Managed Workplace package is not for all customers so we continue to offer IT Services as you require (on-demand) with some necessary basic inclusions such as Endpoint Security.

On-Demand IT Services can also be suitable for customers with their own internal IT staff that sometimes need a little extra IT assistance or advice.

Our Managed Services are available to On-Demand arrangements to provide the flexibility your business requires.

Feature Comparison

IT Support Methods

Phone Support

Technicians are on standby to take your call, we pride ourselves in fast response and resolution.

Test our response time by calling us on
1300 468 379

Remote Support

We have customised advanced remote support systems to exceed the remote capabilities of our competitors.
Remote Support tasks are usually completed faster than on-site visits.

On-Site Support

Skilled Technicians available to visit on-site to fix IT problems. 

We carry spare IT equipment on-board to ensure your systems are fixed on the first visit.