What are
Cloud Services

Traditionally, when a business needs an interface or system installed they would purchase hardware, software & hire IT personnel to set it up, then maintain it onward.  The setup would be private to the company.

With the cloud, the same software or interface is set up across an array of clustered computer server throughout the world.  The same end result is achieved for the customer but the on-going cost to purchase hardware and software is minimized if not completely removed as you opt to use a shared system on a subscription basis.  Data is still stored securely.

Moving your platform to the cloud, can simplify your IT configuration; reducing operational costs without compromising on function. A great option for any large or small company looking to keep overheads low while remaining competitive and getting set-up rapidly. 

Our Cloud Services

Access enterprise IT services at an affordable price

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (Formerly known as Office 365) is a highly scalable Cloud Email and collaboration platform.  Various apps and services are available to help you grow your business and improve process efficiency while minimizing the initial outlay of On-Premise Microsoft Solutions.

Fast Provisioning
 Exchange Email
Sharepoint document collaboration & Sites
High Security
Highly Available
License Flexibility

Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup service is an impressively reliable and robust backup service where the software, cloud storage and backup maintenance is bundled together and offered as a fixed price monthly service.  Rest easy knowing your backups are covered.

Advanced Security
Fast Continuous Incremental Backups
Efficient Bandwidth Control & Usage
Storage Deduplication
 Monthly Cloud Backup Reports

Cloud Hosting

We host both Linux & Windows servers that are in the cloud, with various leading data centres throughout the world.

 Email Quarantine Management
 Protection from Phishing & Virus Threats
 Access to your own filtering interface
 Email Archiving add-on available
 Monthly Anti-Spam Status Report

Virtual Desktop

Save on expensive workstation costs and move your desktop to a highly secure cloud platform where you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

 High Security
 Private & Shared Cloud Options
 Fast Remote Desktop Access
 VDI / RDS Desktops
 Monthly Maintenance & Reporting

Hosted PBX / VoIP

Our Hosted PBX/VoIP services offer access to enterprise-grade telephony services at an affordable price.  We utilise your internet connection to keep inbound and outbound calls low.  We have extensive experience prioritising VoIP Traffic on networks to ensure quality calls.

 IVR Functionality
 1300 / 1800 / 13 Number Porting
 Call Recording
 Monthly Health Summary Report

Email Archiving

Customers with large email data requirements can use our Email Archiving solutions to keep their main email mailboxes slim and trim.  Archiving can also help recover email that was previously permanently deleted.

 Inbound Email Archiving
 Outbound Email Archiving
7 Years or Unlimited Data Retention
 Access from anywhere
On-Premise or Cloud Hosted