What are
Hardware & Software Services

All customers will need hardware and software at some stage.  Whether it be computers, servers, tablets, peripherals or accessories – we have Australias leading distributors at our disposal to offer fast delivery & efficient installation to your needs.  We also keep a healthy amount of hardware on-hand in the event of emergencies.


Our Hardware & Software Services

We offer competitive pricing and valuable advice to your hardware and software needs

Computer Hardware

We provide competitive pricing on quality computer hardware including workstations, servers, accessories, peripherals and individual parts or components.

We also offer competitive shipping and shipping options.

Equipment that lasts
 Business Workstations
 Business Servers
 Computer Accessories
 Computer Peripherals
 Specific Computer Components
Various Shipping Options

Computer Software

We support a vast array of computer software solutions for various computer architectures and operating systems.  We also develop custom Web Applications and have experience with many Cloud Applications and solutions

Accounting Software
Job Management Software
 Microsoft Office Suite
 Specialist Software
 On-Premise & Cloud Software

Networking Equipment

Reliable networking equipment is a must for any business.  We keep a healthy amount of networking equipment on hand for emergencies.  

Network Switches
Internet Modems & Connectivity Devices
 VPN Site-to-Site Equipment
 Wireless Broadband devices
 WiFi Access Points, Repeaters and Meshing

Custom Computer Builds

For customers that have specific storage, video or peripheral requirement – A Custom Computer build could be the answer.  This is where all computer components are chosen and built to create a computer that meets the specific  requirements at hand. 

 Increase Video Capabilities
 Increase storage capacity
 Unlock additional speed
 Added Upgrade-Ability
 Gamer System Builds
 Added Display Options (3+ Monitors)