What are
Network Services

A network setup that suits the needs of your business plays an important role in productivity and effective Return On Investment.  Our Network services are designed using proven hardware made by quality vendors with quality support.  We also consider future growth during the design process.  Once a reliable network solution is implemented we also offer Network Monitoring Services to ensure your services perform to expectations and remain available.


Our Network Services

Our Networks are designed to perform and remain available

Internet Access

We can identify suitable internet access solutions to your business to ensure bandwidth, speed & usage is supplied in the most cost-effective form.  We can also setup Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure your VoIP and other sensitive technologies perform as expected.

 Dedicated Fibre
 Quality of Service

Wireless Networking

We use advanced mapping and signal auditing technology to provide robust Wireless Network solutions.  Our Wireless solutions use the latest  802.11 wireless technologies & security which ensure fast and secure wireless network communication

 Seamless Roaming
 Latest 802.11 Wireless Specifications
 Secure Wireless Transmissions
 Radius Authentication
 Fast Wireless Connectivity

VPN & Direct Access

We are experienced in providing solutions that provide remote access to data and site-to-site VPN links.  Our solutions are designed to meet the expectations of our customers.

OpenVPN Access Server
Microsoft Routing & Remote Access
 Microsoft Direct Access
 Multi-Site Office Connectivity
 Remote Access to Data

Network Monitoring

Using industry leading technology we can monitor network performance in both hybrid IT  and private on-premise environments.  Our systems can easily identify outages and slowness in network paths to ensure immediate action is taken when services are degraded.

LAN Performance
Cloud Service Performance
 Improve Resolution Time
 Hop-By-Hop analysis
 Enhance End-User Quality of Service

Moving Site

We can help moving your IT Infrastructure to a new location planned effectively to ensure minimum downtime.

Planned Project
 Safely Transported
 Insurance available
 Minimum Downtime, if any