What are
Specialty IT Services

This is a place to demonstrate some of the unique services that we offer.  We have an extensive toolkit of special, unique service where many remain in production for many years with minimal intervention.  Each unique projects are heavily documented to ensure we can quickly adapt to past projects that have not been managed for some time.

Our Specialty Services

We offer specialty services that go the extra mile


Due to our involvement in Managed Services and our ambition to optimise our internal processes, we have extensive knowledge and experience in scripting in many different programming languages.

 Powershell Scripting (PS1)
 Batch Scripting (BAT)
 Visual Basic Scripting (VBS)
 Automate & Simplify Processes
 Systems Integration
 Schedule Integration

Process Automation

We have the ability to program computer systems to perform tasks automatically and the monitoring systems to ensure the automation runs as intended.  A basic example would be to download email from an email mailbox, extract an attachment, and merge the data into a database every 15 minutes.  

 Data capture
 Data Synchronization
 Process Management
 Eliminate Repetitive Computer Tasks
 Monitor Automation Status
 Improve system workflow

Database Design

We setup databases custom to your requirements or your application requirements.  We have staff & systems available to effectively deploy, optimise and backup your databases.

MySQL / MariaDB
Microsoft SQL Server
 Cloud Databases
 On-Premise Databases
 Database Optimisation

Remote Access

Remote Access to your applications and data is important for people on-the-go.  We have many different remote access solutions to meet your requirements.

Secure Access
 Emphasis on Fast User Experience
 Access from tablets, phones & computers
 Remote Application Access
 Remote Data Access