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Save Money on IT

Save Money on IT

When looking to save money on business expenses you need to review past spending, one of the common areas being IT.  Some considerations should be made to make sure you don’t put your business in a worse position by reducing IT coverage.  This article will give you...

Microsoft 365 & The Hybrid Office

Microsoft 365 & The Hybrid Office

With the recent and present pandemic situations, “WFH” (Work From Home) & “Hybrid Office” are terms that are becoming popular amongst businesses. What originally started as a necessity is quickly becoming a relevant requirement for some businesses to acquire the...

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Be Aware of Mobile Device Attacks

Be Aware of Mobile Device Attacks

Smartphones and tablets have been introduced as replacements for traditional telecommunication methods, such as landline phones or desktops in homes; they’re also preferred by many people when internet access isn't available via their mobile device because it can be...

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What’s the best type of Multi-Factor Authentication?

What’s the best type of Multi-Factor Authentication?

Credential stealing is now at an all-time high, and it's responsible for more data breaches than any other form of user attack. Because data and business processes are increasingly cloud-based, a user's password is the fastest and simplest method to execute a wide...

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